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Vocal Art Ensemble of Sweden has for decades been a powerful voice in the Swedish and international choir community; ever-evolving, eternally engaged. A dedicated commitment to the music and the existential issues of our time.

Together with Jan Yngwe the choir has toured the better part of Europe, as well as Japan(1989), Cuba (1995), SouthAfrica (1999), Brazil (2004) and China (2012); in all around forty international concert tours.

Through the years, Vocal Art Ensemble has been awarded several prizes in international choir competitions. With its many recordings and radio and TV appearances, the ensemble has been lauded both domestically and internationally, not the least for its interpretations of late Romantic and Contemporary choir music.

The musical collaboration of Vocal Art Ensemble and Jan Yngwe is based on the conviction of the power and necessity of music in an increasingly technocratic society, a belief in music as an opportunity and a tool to reach a multidimensional and deeper understanding of our existence and of life.

Vocal Art Ensemble has also been engaged on a regular basis for concerts, opera performances and recordings (Deutsche Grammophon) with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra and the Göteborg Opera.

The choirs latest album ”Urgency of Now” has received brilliant reviews and has been highlighted ”Best Classical CD of the Year” (Hifi&Music).

Vocal Art Ensemble made great success when as invited guest choir represented Sweden at ”World Symposium on Choral Music” in Barcelona. As a concrete result of these successes the choir has been appointed ”Ambassadors of the International Federation for Choral Music”


In connection with the choir's 35th anniversary in 2013, the name was changed from Kammarkören Pro Musica to Vocal Art Ensemble of Sweden.

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